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About The Owner

As a salon owner, Nneka Otim combines her expertise, attention to detail and commitment to quality to provide a unique and satisfying salon experience. Her salon is a place where her clients can expect exceptional service, personalized care and the use of top-quality products to enhance their hair care journey.

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Why Choose The Collective?

The Collective Salon is a fantastic place to experience a personalized and exclusive hair care service. Our focus is on offering a one-on-one experience in an appointment-only based hair studio, to ensure that each client receives individualized attention and care. This allows for a more intimate and tailored experience, where stylists can fully understand and address the unique needs and preferences of each client.

We use top-of-the-line products. The collective signifies our commitment to providing high-quality hair care. By selecting the best products available, they can ensure the clients receive the best possible results and the utmost care for their hair. The emphasis on using whole and natural ingredients further highlights their dedication to providing healthier and more nourishing treatments.

Overall, The Collective Salon creates a luxurious and attentive environment. It allows for a truly customized and premium hair care experience that aims to enhance the overall well-being and satisfaction of each client.

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What People Say About Us

I originally had my sister locks done in Chicago in 2001. Due to frequent relocations, I have since had three different locticians before discovering Nneka in Atlanta, GA. I discovered her by accident through a dred lock consultant who recommended her because she specializes in sister locks. In the past I have had locticians that when touching up my hair was too tight, or too loose or didn’t last any amount of time. Since going to Nneka, I can say when I have touch-ups my head feels amazing. It is not too tight, not too loose and it lasts for 6-8 weeks. Her personalized attention to your hair care needs and your concerns about your hair are unparalleled by any loctician I have ever been to. When I tell her how amazing she is (I think because she trained in LA), she is always modest and appreciative. Every penny I spend on my hair is worth it because her attention to detail, the quality of her work, and her comfortable work environment. If you are looking for a mediocre loctician, Nneka is not for you. If you are looking for exemplary service and quality of work and craftsmanship, then I highly recommend Nneka to you. On a 1 to 5 star scale, I give her a 5 for superior performance in customer service, quality of work, work environment, and professionalism.

Brenda Starr

Brenda Starr

Nneka is a spiritualist of natural hair; she tends not only to aesthetics but also to the internal wellbeing of each strand like the roots of ancient trees. Yet, with regard to aesthetics, she has the gift of re-creation; she is able to show to the world the divine naturally inherent in all of us, bring out our own internal god/dess. She has taught me now only about my locks, the roots of my soul, but also has given me the greatest gift of genuine care.



Nneka’s Natural is not simply a World; it is a Galaxy!  Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, when you place your hair in Nneka’s hands, you will experience the magic and majesty of a professional par excellence who never ceases to augment her mastery over the art and expertise of nurturing and caring for her clients with attention to their holistic haircare needs. I view my appointments with Nneka as treatment for my hair and my soul–my outer and inner condition. Nneka provides a healing experience within an aesthetically beautiful and impeccably sanitary salon environment. In her speech, spirit and touch, she emits a gentle energy, positive vibrations, as well as peaceful intentions for your beauty, health and wellness. Once you find Nneka, you will know immediately that there is no alternative, indeed no substitute, for the class, creativity and originality she brings to the enterprise.

Dianne Diakité

Dianne Diakité

Nneka Otim is a true professional! After trying several locticians for many years, I was blessed to become a client of Nneka’s over six years ago. Nneka has cut, colored, treated, styled and maintained my locs during this time and my experience has always been professional. I am particularly pleased that Nneka treats her clients with personal care and attention, which speaks to her committed client base. I have gladly recommended Nneka’s services to many people over time and will continue to do so.



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For our clients, we are committed to bringing together natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and therapeutic products with our highly skilled and caring technicians.

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